Pool setting

And in one of the most exclusive enclosures of the Port, Moman Park, this 842 square meter, three-level home is an contemporary style and luxury resort.

Every inch of the house is restored and improved. When you find yourself in the ocean’s bright and air-conditioned house, with white, glass and oven from the pool and the river, you will be forgiven to think that you are somewhere in the sky.

Two pool chairs on the deck

Hello, ideas! Yes, the pool layout will do this very well, thank you.

A garage for six bedrooms, four bathrooms, one home office, three living areas, three kitchens, three lounges and three vehicles, each balcony has a balcony / outdoor area and a wonderful view can be enjoyed. . From almost every room.

Outdoor area – located in the center of this house – a beautiful rooftop garden, fountain, and the best polishing blue infinity pool to relax around the world.

Outdoor pool river view

Installation shots in this infinity pool will be in the next level.

Internally, the look is pretty clean and clean lines, luxury ends, a palette of white, beautiful with gray, neutral and monochrome.

The house can either be used as a big home or divided into three different squares.

Modern living room brass pastor
Entrance to the interior resort is modern and beautiful.

The low-level includes a master bedroom, a kitchen, a laundry room, a heterrobe and a dining area. Intermediate level consists of four bedrooms, two bathrooms (with master bathroom), a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, infinity pool with a laundry and panoramic views. And at the top floor there is another master bedroom with balcony with a living room bathroom, living room, luxury kitchen, electric room, home office and excellent views.