Modular homes

It was not really a matter – as long as the Italian Home Builder enters the laptop factory market with its environmental alpine pod homes, which can be beautiful, luxury and can be gathered, can be eliminated and consumed. In a few months.The most notable, especially for your choice to be in the natural place, there is a frame house, which stands at the short end of each rectangular edge, which has a long standing terrace terrace.

There are a number of internal settings to ensure that every frame home is unique, while interior and outdoor materials are environmentally friendly, it helps to connect home from anywhere.

Modular home
An insulator is an outdoor shell, a Jungle Storage Council (FSC) refers to the confirmed environmental structure, a modular structure and transparent wall non-non-dependent basis.

With such automatic and effective home construction system, the laptop factory frame is far higher than the modular homes of old houses, but also the environmentally friendly and surprisingly modern environment.