Designing Kitchen

In any house a well-designed kitchen is essential, especially if you are a passionate artist who likes to cook family and friends. So, what are the ingredients of success?

We talked to Cassie Simo and Patricia Romo, need to know the designers of Potter Davies ‘World Hall’, before designing new features in kitchen design and designing your home heart.

“This kitchen is the design of my design. It is a nervous center of everyday life, so a well-designed and active kitchen is essential,” says Krory.

Potter Davis, kitchen design
Despite changing trends in the kitchen design, new colors, materials, accessories and accessories come together.

Mix and match the cabinets
When you enter a place, it is a matter of first impression. So, before going into details, think of your overall color scheme.

Many domestic lighter and light kitchen are moving towards, light forest especially for fashion, they immediately produce a natural and fresh look.

Potter Davis, kitchen design
Add depth to your kitchen by introducing secondary colors. Light blue works with gray colors.

“These colors can be mixed with white or light gray wardrobe. Nowadays, it is rare to use a color in a kitchen,” says Petrritia.

“In large quantities along with three sides, the wood can look heavy. Break the things with secondary colors to add depth and appreciation.”

Light blocks, such as the new classic laminated oak, are suitable for light white and gray, while the lighter walroot is suitable for medium-sized black gray.

Domestic appliances and wall towers
The latest kitchen, if space is allowed, use the towers of the walls to be used on the appliances. Wall towers are hiding behind the ceiling door and includes wall-ovens, built-in radiation, and steam oven or microwave.

“This kitchen also has a warm thread. So, keep the plates in the drawer while cooking and keep them warm to avoid getting hot cooking on concrete plates.”

If you do not have a place or budget for the wall tower, consider investing in high-quality devices.

“We are looking at 750 mm large ions instead of conventional 600 mm potato. I think mask concrete and kitchen rules, like cooking shows, many people choose great home appliances to cook their food. Encourages them to entertain and develop healthy and fascinating domestic food. ”

Last touch
Different types of faucets and hardware are in fashion. Therefore, extensively with pure gold, sinner and fading black will make an impression widely in any kitchen.

“Chrome tap handle and fixture are in fashion for many years, but now we see black, sinner and bronze, and also fix fixture and kitchen mixtures at the bottom.” Patrizia.

“It can be finished in a bathroom, a bathroom and private bathroom bathroom.”

Koraly says your kitchen does not have to be active; You can take the role, color and structure through settings and style. Think about complementary tasks, wide light, decorative objects and unique furniture.