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Shen’s Garrett, the Chief Economy of the Housing Industry Association (Hia), is the first element to consider the consideration of the consideration, head of the Wilson Wolf, Wolf Architects and Peter Rielly, Hotondo homes, responsible for building and operations The Earth, which differs from one state to another.

According to the 2018 report on the Australian Land Citizens Development Institute of Australia in 2017, the average cost of a lot was 476 000 USD, Melbourne, 281 000 USD and Adelaide in Sydney, US $ 167,000

The average national price per square meter was $ 746.

Average cost of building a home

The cost of construction is affected by many factors, but according to the Australian Bureau (ABS) average Australian statistics in June 2018, USD 1 270.80 square meters was per USD.

However, this data is not included in design, scheduling permission, site work and additional costs.

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According to ABS figures on the June 2018 approved buildings, the average accommodation in Australia is 251.7 mm, the construction cost is less than $ 320,000.

During the wolf, during the construction cost of an architectural design house ($ 5382 per square square, or square Australian home starts at least $ 3,000 per square meter, $ 9.29 m²)

According to Wolf, it is difficult to compare the cost of an architectural design house that is built on one side, if not impossible “the volume of $ 1,600 volume as per square meter.”

While refusing to give an average price for construction with a large manufacturer due to many variables, Rielly of Hotondo homes said that their company is designing “providing a beautiful home at a low cost Influenced by architecture. ” That

The company offers 90 different models that customers can customize.

“As a national franchise network, Hotondo manufacturers will always encourage their customers to choose a standard model in one of the three boundaries. This design will reduce the costs, apart from standard dependencies,” they say.

With the help of promoting partnerships with brands like Color Band, Carmona and Hammus Paint, this “fair price”