Architecturally-designed homes

These homes, designed by famous builders and builders, make their natural environment friendly, durable and extensive use of natural materials with their natural environment.

This five bedroom house with its bedroom is naturally prepared for extraordinary use such as glass, concrete and wood.

Builder Matthew Dampany designated the house so it is completely based on the north, so it shines all daylight.

On the way to Bulla Wheel Beach and Palm Beach, Sydney CBD is just 35 kilometers away from private private entries. But with panoramic views of trees from almost every room in this house, you can be miles from anywhere anywhere.

With a site as breathing as Whitsundays, it will be the crime of building a house that does not meet all aspects of this unique location.

Masonry Watersbird – With the help of famous landy Jamie Dairy – was not disappointed by ET Club Villa.

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Nature resonance around quality wood, stone and silent color colors, while providing excellent architecture to detailed curtain wooden ceilings.

Dairy was inspired by the island’s patriarch and natural flora to make villagers of their garden. Place of vegetation from the palm palm to Kandahar’s ecosystem – is a friction of internal plants.

Designed as a holiday house and designed for rent, now is one of the villas to sell.

The four bedrooms have four private bathroom’s own private beach.

When Flotistist Rodney Perry decided to dedicate the guard to a profit at the end of a week, Architects Charles Wright planned a big plan.

Wright’s design, Alicia, has a six bedroom home, where the opportunity is included in the two World Heritage List: Great Barrier Reef and Wet Trophy. The home is not only in its design elements on the natural beauty of this environment, but is also ready for heat and cooling.

Rainwater receives a large roof of the house, stored in a 250-km underground tank and operates in the concrete at the center of the house.

Energy is converted from a concrete structure to the day, with a large solar panel in the roof, ensuring that the whole building is kept at a comfortable comfortable temperature every year.

Inside, each of the six “bedrooms” – is a balcony – rare, rain extensions and frames from the sky are equipped with a very rarely local rainy wood.